How Should I Teach the Bible to My Children?

If you’re like me, “How should I teach the Bible to my children?” is a question you’ve more than just mulled over. I’ve tried and have struggled with how to teach my children the Bible. I tried the cover-to-cover approach, but lost their interest somewhere in Exodus. I also tried reading them Psalms and the Gospels. However, it never really “clicked.” I am very cynical of Bible curriculum, since they are usually overly simplistic and are nothing like how people study Scripture. With this being said, I was more than excited to be offered a chance to review Olive Branch Books’ Telling God’s Story curriculum when I heard it was shaped by biblical scholar Dr. Peter Enns (who I am fond of). The curriculum entails three books:

  1. Parents Guide

    Parents Guide: this is the “owner’s manual” for the curriculum. Peter Enns helps provide a framework for how to read the Bible and teach it to children. Enns’ notices that there is a significant gap between how we teach children to read the Bible and how the Bible is studied when they approach college. (Read excerpt here).

  2. Instructor Text & Teaching Guide: Telling God’s Story Year 1: Meeting Jesus is written by Peter Enns for grades 1-4 and starts with the Gospels. It is Enns’ belief that the point of Scripture is Jesus and thus we should start there with our children. There are 52 lessons for 52 weeks of the year. The sections are split up in 8 different parts surrounding the life, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
  3. Student Guide & Activity Pages: The Instructor Text & Teaching Guide is complemented by this activity book which provides corresponding activities (music, craft, art history, coloring, cooking activities) to each lesson.

My goal in reviewing this is to try 5 lessons on my 3 year old daughter and blog about it here. I will also provide a review of each pieces of the curriculum. My thought is, if a 3 year old can follow the lessons, a first grader will definitely be able to do so. I have recently taken over the children’s ministry at our church, and, if I find the curriculum valuable, I will be implementing it there as well and will encourage you to do so, too. So, keep checking back, or follow me on Twitter for updates.

I want to thank Justin Moore of Olive Branch Books for approaching me and giving me the opportunity to review this curriculum. I am looking forward to it!

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