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Matt Schaub lifts Pro Bowl MVP trophy

Matt Schaub lifts Pro Bowl MVP trophy

  1. Amanda and I spent Friday night in the city. We stayed at the Hyatt by Penns Landing with a riverfront view. It was really nice to spend some time alone with Amanda, which I’ve found is more difficult when you have a kid (albeit, I wouldn’t change my life right now if I could). We ate a two fantastic restaurants that I recommend: (a) Amada Restaurant — Amada is a Spanish tapas based restaurant and is home of the Food Networks new Iron Chef, Jose Garces. Both Amanda and I thought it was fabulous. We ate off of the Restaurant Week menu with two courses and dessert. The garlic shrimp, marinated olives, and grilled chicken with a fried egg on top reminded us of our honeymoon in Spain.  (b) On Saturday morning, we ate brunch at Max Brenner, which offers its own self-proclaimed “chocolate culture.” From different styles of hot chocolate in their “hug mugs” to chocolate banana crepes, we felt like we tasted the chocolate river in Willy Wanka’s Chocolate Factory.
  2. The NFL Pro Bowl received 12 million viewers. The largest viewing audience ever for the seemingly tag-football game of the NFL season. I guess the week before the Super Bowl will be the standard henceforth. Congrats to Matt Schaub for winning the MVP. With Peyton Manning out of the way, the guy shines. Just imaging if the Colts weren’t in the same division as the Texans? Houston might make the playoffs!

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